12 July 2022

World Brain Day 2022

About the World Federation for Neurology

The WFN for Neurology was formed in Brussels in 1957 as an associated on national neurological societies.

World Brain Day 2022

The World Federation for Neurology is hosting Annual World Brain Day on Friday 22nd July 2022. Each year, World Brain Day is devoted to a different topic. It has been announced that this year’s is “Brain Health for All”. The date originates from the WFN founded date of 22nd July 1957.

In 2021, WFN’s devoted topic was a global campaign to stop multiple sclerosis. This year, WFN would like to build upon the momentum by continuing to share the importance of brain health on a global scale.

Our brains constantly come up against new challenges such as social and environmental factors and a multitude of newly recognised disorders, so Brain Health for all is extremely important to our overall health.

This year’s crucial messages for World Brain Day are awareness, prevention, advocacy, education, and access.

“Brain disorders affect billions of people worldwide and are the leading cause of disability,” explained Prof. Tissa Wijeratne

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives so please join us in spreading awareness of World Brain Day, using hashtags #worldbrainday #WBD #WBD2022 #BrainHealthforAll


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Written by Naomi Brown