6 September 2022

Working within Quality in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Individuals working within Quality Assurance, ensure that products meet the required standards and regulations through all stages of a product life cycle, including manufacture and distribution/ supply chain. Regulations include, GCP (Good Clinical Practice); GLP (Good Laboratory Practice); GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice); GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and GxP (Good Practice covering various fields).

Qualifications required:

When recruiting, Pharma companies predominantly look for candidates with Industry experience and/or a relevant qualification. Those working in QA/QC predominantly come from a Chemistry, life science or pharmacy related background. A big advantage would be up to date knowledge of GMP regulations.

Candidate requirements

Working within QA requires a confident individual with excellent communication/ technical abilities, adaptability, team work, attention to detail & enthusiasm.

Typical job titles & career progression opportunities within Quality Assurance may look like:

  • QC Officer
  • Senior QC Officer
  • QA Officer
  • Senior QA Officer
  • QA Manager
  • Senior QA Manager
  • Responsible Person (RP) & Responsible Person Import (RPi)
  • Qualified Person (QP)
  • Head of Department
  • Director

What are salary expectations for a QA

A QA Officers salary can vary depending on the nature of the role and an individual’s experience. In the UK, the average salary for a permanent QA Officer with 2 years’ experience is around 25K – 30K. As a contractor with the same experience, you can expect to earn between £20 – £30 an hour. Of all the roles in the Pharma Industry, QA salaries have a more linear increase in retrospect to Industry Experience.

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Written by Naomi Brown (Recruitment Marketing Executive)