11 January 2022

New Year Career Review

It’s a new year and time for that “End of Year Career Review” – reflect on 2021!

We can’t believe it either, we’re well into the new year of 2022 with another strange year behind us! Now is the perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on your professional and personal successes.

Most organisations and companies tend to have their own official annual performance reviews, but you should always make sure you do your own, setting goals for the new year ahead – it’s a great way to start the year with full gusto!

As you go through taking time to reflect on your accomplishments from last year, focus on what you would like to achieve for 2022.

There are some key areas and questions we have outlined below to help you through this process:

1. Impact and Accomplishments 

What were your personal and professional highlights from 2021? What level of impact and contribution did you make?

Thinking this through should start to generate a pattern or theme which will guide you to where you are at your best with your core skills, passions, and strengths.

Write these experiences down in bullet points, and then with as much detail as you can, define and quantify each of these (for example, did you save costs on a project – how much? Did you streamline communications – how much time did this save?) This can be useful doing this within the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) to detail out these measurable outcomes.

Having this information at your fingertips will be invaluable later on when you also come to update your CV, go for future interviews for a new job or have official performance review meetings, plus it makes you feel great looking back at those big wins!


2. Learning and Risk-Taking 

When was the last time you came out of your comfort zone and learned something new?

If you are not pushing yourself and having a few mishaps along the way then you are not growing, and you need to be! We should always be in a constant flux of learning and growing to fulfill our professional lives as well as our personal development.

This may mean pushing through challenging times and taking some calculated risks. Make sure any mistakes or failures are noted with what you learned from them, to move forward more successfully, into the future.


3. Personal and Professional Development 

Are there things you want to do more of and others you want to do less of this year?

Identify one or two areas, after brainstorming, that you would like to focus on in 2022 and then plan how you will make progress in these areas. For example, it could be joining a new group or committee, volunteering, or talking to your manager about moving into a new role within your current organisation (or new company!).

Planning and setting these goals around the things we are best at, need not be only professionally related – there are many personal areas that you can develop, enabling a well-rounded, satisfying accomplishment that will further your confidence in all areas of life.


4. People and Relationships 

How effectively are you building and maintaining relationships?

Make a list of your top 10-20 contacts in your network. If you haven’t been in touch with them for several months, now is a great time to reach out, helping to facilitate opportunities in shared interests.

Expanding and building new contacts is key so plan how you will do this, this year. It could be by joining a professional group or association or visiting a specialist event.

We hope this article has helped with some key ideas to help plan forward and kick start progressive action for this year’s success!