17 October 2021

Good interview techniques

Every pharmaceutical or life sciences company is different and have their own ways of interviewing candidates, but whatever that may be, when being invited to interview, preparation is key!

Whether the company are looking at a one off interview or a 3 stage interview or assessment centre, you must do your prep work to ensure the interview goes as well as it possibly can.

However your interview is conducted – phone, video link or face to face – a professional manner and demeanour is essential.

In almost all interviews, you will be asked technical and competency based questions. The most important preparation for the interview is to have a thorough read of the job description so as you understand what the company are looking for, enabling you to relate your experience and knowledge to their questions. You should be able to clearly explain the duties, key skills and experience you have put on your CV, linking these to their business and the requirements of the role you are being interviewed for.

Prior to the interview, always take a look at the company website to understand their business and therapy areas/products (particularly if the role is therapy area aligned) and in the case of some more commercial roles, its always good to know about potential competitors / products on the market too. You may be asked “what-if” or “give examples of” scenario questions so always good to make sure you can connect your knowledge, skills and experience to the role.

Once you know what format your interview will take, you can start preparing. As an agency, we will do everything we can to help to give the best possible outcome to the interview. You will be provided with an interview invite containing time, date and location of interview, the name of interviewer/s along with their job titles (and, if available, links to their LinkedIn profiles, so as you know who you are speaking with). We will also provide a link to our clients website/social media channels, so you can do some background research about the company’s products, therapy areas & company news.

At the end of the interview, please be prepared to ask any questions you may have. Employers are likely to ask why you think you are a good fit for this role or why you applied for the position, so this is your opportunity to “sell” yourself and let the company know how your can progress in the post.

Once your interview is complete, wherever possible, we will provide you with detailed feedback from our client. Thorough preparation beforehand increases the chances of a successful interview. However, should you be unsuccessful for any reason, we will provide honest feedback and advice to help you better prepare for the next opportunity.