17 May 2022

Get to know our Recruitment Marketing Executive Naomi

Next up, on our “Meet The Team Edition”, we would like to introduce you to our Marketing Executive Naomi, on a more personal level.

When did you begin your career at Apex International Recruitment ?

  • I began my recruitment career at Apex International Recruitment Ltd in January 2013 as a Recruitment Administrator.

How has your career progressed since beginning working at Apex?

  • I started working as the recruitment administrator for the industry desk, then was given the opportunity in Dec 2013 to pursue my career in a Medical Recruitment Officer role. In 2020, Apex took the opportunity to fundamentally review our business model and took the decision to focus our Agency services on the supply of pharmacy and life science personnel to the pharmaceutical industry and associated sectors only. Therefore, I was appointed a new role of Recruitment Marketing Executive (which I absolutely love).

What motivates you most in your current job role?

  • Anything creative – I love creating videos & graphic content for our Social Media sites. One of the biggest motivations for me is team camaraderie.

What is it like working at Apex International Recruitment

  • I live by the mantra, “teamwork makes the dream work” and teamwork radiates through our offices. Since the Covid Pandemic, we have introduced daily group video calls, for a catch up with the entire team, and we regularly participate in the BBC2 “PopMaster” quiz.  As a team, we maintain close relationships with our clients/candidates, which is how our strapline was created (“Our passion, your profession”). Christmas is always fabulous at Apex!

What is something you are most proud of outside of your CV.

  • The family my husband (to be) and I have created, with a little help from science. We have a very lovely, cheeky & energetic 2 year old.

What is your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

  • I would go on holiday every weekend if I could (Ibiza, Cyprus, Mexico – the list goes on) & anything that puts a smile on my little boys face (swimming, messy play, the zoo). I’m also a massive foody & LOVE the theatre!

Name your top 5 favourite films of all time

  • White Chicks (singing my heart out to “Making my way downtown”),
  • 8 mile
  • Sleeping with the Enemy (Even the creepy music – Symphonie Fantastique).
  • Harry Potter
  • Mrs Doubtfire

As the Marketing Executive for Apex International, Naomi is responsible for managing the companies social media channels & new/existing website content.  For marketing enquiries, please contact Naomi on 01227 844488 or email

Written by Naomi Brown (Marketing Executive)